Cockroach Identification

Cockroach Identification

Types and Cockroach Identification in Auckland

There are five common kinds of cockroaches that get into our homes. Cockroach identification is significant in cockroach control.

American Cockroach Identification

American Cockroach ControlProbably the biggest among the five. It has a yellow band around its head and is possibly the largest among the common species. For an adult, it is about 1 to 1 and 1½ inches long. Its color is reddish brown that has a light brown or yellow border. The two sexes have well developed wings but the male’s wings stretch beyond the abdomen.

The female drops her egg capsule the next day off after it is produced. This egg capsule could possibly be dropped around a food source or other protected spot. In fact, this egg capsule can be found in a damp spot around a decaying wood. In short, this capsule may be stuck in a suitable surface area with secretions coming from the female’s mouth.

Asian Cockroach Identification

Are nearly indistinguishable to German cockroaches. The Asian cockroach control infests gardens and outside areas around homes. The Asian cockroaches are great flyers and tend to enter into homes easily, particularly in the late afternoon and early evening while you’re savoring your peaceful moment.

Brown banded Cockroach Identification

One of the smaller cockroaches. It is actually light brown. It has bands that may be irregular or broken and are far more noticeable on the young and females compared to males. Both the male and female brown banded cockroach control is very active and the adult male may fly once disrupted. Pretty much all stages of the brown banded cockroach may jump when attempting to get away. You will usually see the brown banded cockroach in the same structures as the German cockroach control. As a result of these two cockroaches appearing pretty much the same, misidentify is possible. The female features a broader figure as compared to the male.

German Cockroach 

Can become an extensive concern if nothing is done to control them. The German cockroach is regarded as the most persistent cockroach. The reason behind this, and the rationale this cockroach increases so rapidly is that the egg capsule is carried throughout its entire life cycle. The German cockroach only emits its egg capsule as soon as the babies are prepared to emerge, therefore increasing the life cycle. Almost every other cockroaches control stick their egg capsule to a surface rendering it susceptible to environmental conditions along with other predators consequently decreasing their life expectancy.

Oriental Cockroach

Is approximately the size of the smoky brown cockroach or possibly slightly smaller and is brownish or black in color. The oriental cockroach control can be found in damp areas just like sewers and moist basements. They normally are found below ground level indoors. You might not see them on walls or high in cabinets or on the upper floors of structures.

Oriental cockroaches feed on numerous dirt and other decaying organic matter. They are able to survive for about a month with no food but no more than 2 weeks without water. In cold temperatures, you’ll likely see them migrating inside.

Smoky Brown Cockroach

Can be slightly small compared to the American Cockroach identification and is brownish in color. Smoky brown cockroaches are almost similar to the American cockroach control but can be distinguished by their smaller size, and uniform mahogany color. Both sexes have wings longer than their bodies. The nymphs possess extended antennae that are white at the tip.

It is important to know which cockroach you are dealing with. Different species live in different habitats. Indeed behave very differently, and prefer different foods. Each species requires unique techniques to eliminate them. Believe it or not some species aren’t even considered pests as they don’t live and reproduce inside of human structures.

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