Fly Control

Fly Control

Fly Control Methods

Identification of the type of fly is important. Generally, so that the problem can be fixed for good.  Both the larval and adult flies to achieve effective and efficient fly control for your home or work place.

FlyAuckland Steam n Dry are the experts in fly control Auckland wide. Our professionals have extensive local training and experience in the very best methods. With 30 years of Auckland service experience.

Chemical Control

While the use of fly sprays is usually not the best means of killing flies Sometimes chemical spray control can be a vital part of a good management program. Fly control sprays can be applied in and around the home or work place.

This type of control provides only temporary relief. However and cannot be relied upon to completely fix the problem. Residual control sprays are those that remain active for some time. This can be applied to surfaces where flies rest. This includes outside surfaces of barns, stables, restaurants, and houses. Some bait is also available for outdoor fly control such as around rubbish areas.

Fly Control Repellent

Another important step in control management is to exclude flies from the premises. This is done by keeping doors, windows, and vents closed as much is practical. By screening also, sealing around entry points. Automatic door closing devices can be installed to supplement a good management control program.


The key to managing all is good house sanitation. Killing flies breeding site so the area which they are attracted to. Especially on where they lay eggs. Surely, this is good to eliminate and prevent infestations. Without thorough sanitation, other control methods are largely ineffective. Therefore, rubbish should be kept in sealed off with tight-fitting lids. Rubbish areas should be kept as clean, emptied as soon as possible and away from the house. Plant and animal stuff should be removed ASAP. So avoiding areas of moisture.

To remove breeding sites, firstly find what attracts them.  Then, identify the flies involved. Inspect for material that attracts that species and then eliminates the material.

  • Flies are worse in Auckland’s summer. However, they are a pest. They pose a health risk to health, pets, and other animals. They can infest your home and work place, spread diseases like E. coli and salmonella. A few species may even bite.
  • If a small fly problem is left to breed, it can turn into a bad infestation. Some types are able to mature from eggs to adults in 7 days.

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