Pest Control Maintenance Program

Pest Control Maintenance Program

A regular pest control maintenance program for your home against common pests protects you and your family from the risk of acquiring diseases. Generally, they bring and gives you and your family piece of mind.

Our Pest Control Maintenance Program services start with an evaluation by a licensed inspector. Certainly who will happily offer you with a solution to handle all crawling and flying pest problems.

Pest Control Maintenance Program Covers

Pest Control Maintenance ProgramPest maintenance programs provide monthly and bi-monthly service. Insect Control Auckland general pest control program covers:

Insect Control Auckland technicians are indeed certified pest controllers. Following the initial inspection, we will provide monitoring of and treating your home regularly.

Service Advantages
  • Easy Payment Options.
  • Flexible Scheduling. We are available to work around your hectic schedule.
  • State Of The Art Equipment. Our technicians use the latest technology in the industry to ensure clients get the best possible service.
  • Pest Free Home. Even between services you are covered against reoccurring pest infestation
Pest Free Maintenance

Each season brings about different pests. The warm spring weather brings about ants as well as other insects. Bugs and wasps are common during the entire summer. As the weather gets cold during the fall, rodents as well as spiders look out for shelter indoors in preparation for the winter. Insect Control Auckland Pest Free Maintenance services are focused at getting rid of problem pests. Definitely before they get into your home. We provide customized comprehensive treatment. A plan to safeguard your home from pest infestation throughout the year.

With Insect Control Auckland Pest Control Maintenance Program, you’re in the right direction. If you find any pests flying or crawling about in between your treatment schedules, we will instantly return to eradicate the problem. Surely, without additional cost.

Pest Free Guarantee

Enjoy unlimited protection as long as you maintain a Pest Free Maintenance Program. Insect Control Auckland Pest Control guarantees to eradicate your pest problem. If you are not satisfied we will keep coming back until you are for the specified warranty period that applies to your service.

Other conditions may apply. Please call Insect Control Auckland office for more details. Commercial service warranties vary.

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